All is well

I haven’t updated my blog in forever and tonight seem like the worst night to even do so the internet’s been acting all sorts of crazy. Hope you all had a great Sunday like I did. Sundays are one of those days I prefer not to be so awkwardly awesome random. I love a Sunday morning I can get out of bed, turn the radio on, and start cleaning, days like this usually end well.

Don’t believe me? Well today was a beautiful day, not only because I was appreciating the beauty of fall, but church was amazing. I love when my life has a little structure; I’ll wake up do this and then do that. It reminds me of home, so it keeps me grounded.

Anyhow, I have school all this week. I’m so excited; I haven’t been this excited about school since first grade. Which brings me back to a post I’m dying to share about second chances, haven’t gathered my thoughts completely, but I shall write about it one of these fine days.

What I will say though, is that all is well. I am alive, my family is alive and in good health, I’m happy, everybody around me is alive and well.  Many persons today can’t say all is well with all the chaos going on around the world. I am just grateful for the state that I’m in right now; I am at peace with myself, all is well in my life.

Someone said to me the other day that he listened to a Bob Marley song and it automatically put him in a good mood. So today I recommend you guys to some good ole Bob Marley music, because “all is well”. Have a blessed week everyone.



When we are children we are only told of the sacrifices our parents make for us. As the years go by we become a living testimony of these sacrifices.

Music Groupie

Oh My GAAAAAAAd!!!! Whoever said perfection doesn’t exist must have never heard what I just listened to a while ago. Is there such a thing as music porn, because my ears just had an orgasm? Yes I said it, because it sure did.  Music made sweet love to my ear drums. NICO and VINZ these guys if you don’t know them, shame on you twice! I came across them earlier this year and haven’t stop listening to them ever since their sounds just amazing.

“Am I Wrong for thinking we could be something for real…”

Everybody knows that song!! That song is bliss. Summers greatest hit!!!! anyhow the albums finish *HAPPY DANCE* I just listened to their album and hell to the flipping yes I made my order. (get yours hear)  Never in a million years would I purchase an album, not that I’m cheap well maybe I am, but this right here is an exception. I promise it won’t disappoint if you enjoy good music. Their music gives so much life, fueled by the fact that they both are so strikingly handsome; man I love these guys so much. Maaan nothing can ruin my day after listening to this, not even if the devil cam to me personally. I would be like excuse me!! my day was made. I mean the rich blend of African influences in their music is just heaven. I’m no musician but I sure do have an ear for good music. I had to make a second post about these guys; albums out October 14, 2014 check it out guys.

10 Superficial Identities People Label Themselves With (That Annoy Everybody)

This is too funny, well I am what I am

Thought Catalog

1. Social Media Expert

Undoubtedly, there are people who are proficient at all the ins and outs of the latest, greatest technology that has to do with social media. And I agree that everyone is hustling out here in this economy just trying to make ends meet, but if you’re not paying your bills with this expertise of yours while you condescendingly tweet links all day every day about how to build your brand, you need to take a long, hard look in the mirror. No one is buying whatever it is you’re selling.

2. Fitness Guru

I love fitness, I really do. I write about it every now and then, end I’ve been asked to write/do promos for studios in the past. It’s great being somewhat connected to the space. What is not great is turning your whole personality into someone who is in the #fitfam and spends every…

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Thesaurus Rex

I’m always trying to broaden my vocabulary, by looking up unfamiliar words. I can definitely relate to this post. Funny

C.B. Wentworth

The revision process continues as I return to the notes I took while reading through the edited version of my manuscript. Though my editor made changes throughout the manuscript, there were some sections where she posed questions and possible fixes without making a change.

In most cases, these “unfixed” sections had issues with continuity or the necessity of a paragraph. In many ways, I love how my editor highlighted these areas and posed questions, rather than blatantly telling me what to do. She is essentially asking me to make sure my vision is rock solid by questioning what I’ve written or suggesting clarification. There are four sections where I’m still thinking and making decisions.  She was right to put the spotlight on these areas and I love how I’m being forced to scrutinize them.

However, other comments focused on word usage. There are several places where my editor knew a…

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Gypsy Soul

I have never heard of a gypsy soul until now. This weird habit of goggling random stuff on the internet is going to backfire one of these fine days. Let me hope its not today. Came across this term though, and I could help but think of me. Far from strange I must say, because I could definitely relate to. Call me crazy but that was pretty cool. Not very often we find ourselves on the internet; scratch that we are on the internet every day. Right? Everybody is tech savvy.

Someone who possesses a gypsy soul is a person always in need of change and/ or adventure. A gypsy soul seeks the next best thing in any life situation. They can be very passionate and often inspired by different ideas, attitude and experiences. Their sense of identity isn’t always sure of what they want out of life but they are determined to find it.

I’m a gypsy soul. You’re a gypsy soul. We all are gypsy souls.

We all have a gypsy soul: most might not like change, but it’s always good to accept change now and then unless you’re my grandmother of course. That woman is going to stick to what she knows until the heavens open. This has not failed her so far, so unless you’re her appreciate change.

We all live for adventures disagree if you must, but common sense seems to dictate that life is a challenge. This journey we embark on called life is filled with ups and downs, like a rollercoaster. We have the good and bad days. Days that are just bland then all out of the blues we get an extraordinary day. I long for an extraordinary day. Life’s just exciting no two days are the same right?

And we all seek the best things in life that’s why we go to work every day. Pursuing the next best thing, agree or disagree if you must but we all got a touch of the gypsy in us.

Have a blessed week everyone.

Live in the sunshine. Swim in the sea. Drink the wild air