Somebody Pinch Me!

Could somebody just walk up and slap me into tomorrow. Honestly, I feel so bad to be Jamaican right now.  So, the most dishonorable thing happened to me this week. I got schooled on music by a white boy who has never been to Jamaica. I’m so startled by the fact that I got schooled; I can’t even come to grasp it. How did this happen? I usually know everything; Aries people know everything.

So Joe is obsessed with reggae, well maybe not, he just really likes it.  He has records and all that stuff which is awesome. I haven’t seen a record in ages; he’s the man for still having one in his possession.  I can’t blame him though, because old school Reggae music just makes sweet love to our ears, literally.

He’s always asking me if I listen to this and that artist from Jamaica. I’m like I can’t tell you off the bat but I could sing the song if you sing me a line. He lost interest; he wasn’t going to sing. He found it so strange that I didn’t know the artists off the bat. Gave me that look like are you sure you’re from Jamaica because that accent could be fake. So, he wrote the names on a piece of paper and told me to go look them up and then tell him what I thought.

Let me just say, if there was ever a point in my life I felt stupid it would be now, right this minute November 6, 2014. These are songs I listen to all the time;these amazing artists.

This is just one of the artists he suggested; one of my favorites Alton Ellis. Isn’t that something though, I’m just listening to people’s music and could care less about their names. A foreigner had to teach me the names of some of Jamaica’s most influential artists.

Don’t let what happen to me happen to you; learn your country’s history.

Joe I thank you; it means a lot to me that you appreciate something so significant to my culture. You’re the man!



When we are children we are only told of the sacrifices our parents make for us. As the years go by we become a living testimony of these sacrifices.

Gypsy Soul

I have never heard of a gypsy soul until now. This weird habit of goggling random stuff on the internet is going to backfire one of these fine days. Let me hope its not today. Came across this term though, and I could help but think of me. Far from strange I must say, because I could definitely relate to. Call me crazy but that was pretty cool. Not very often we find ourselves on the internet; scratch that we are on the internet every day. Right? Everybody is tech savvy.

Someone who possesses a gypsy soul is a person always in need of change and/ or adventure. A gypsy soul seeks the next best thing in any life situation. They can be very passionate and often inspired by different ideas, attitude and experiences. Their sense of identity isn’t always sure of what they want out of life but they are determined to find it.

I’m a gypsy soul. You’re a gypsy soul. We all are gypsy souls.

We all have a gypsy soul: most might not like change, but it’s always good to accept change now and then unless you’re my grandmother of course. That woman is going to stick to what she knows until the heavens open. This has not failed her so far, so unless you’re her appreciate change.

We all live for adventures disagree if you must, but common sense seems to dictate that life is a challenge. This journey we embark on called life is filled with ups and downs, like a rollercoaster. We have the good and bad days. Days that are just bland then all out of the blues we get an extraordinary day. I long for an extraordinary day. Life’s just exciting no two days are the same right?

And we all seek the best things in life that’s why we go to work every day. Pursuing the next best thing, agree or disagree if you must but we all got a touch of the gypsy in us.

Have a blessed week everyone.

Live in the sunshine. Swim in the sea. Drink the wild air


Mission Publicize

Hello everyone, so I have been taking my blog to the streets, a lot since lately. Scary new people are going to read my work and have an opinion. Well, OK, only random people read it anyways.
Everybody who has attended college or any school as a matter of fact, knows that the first week is get to know each other week.
They always suggest you share three (3) things about yourself that somebody looking at you for the first time would not know. This is the best part of school I love talking about myself, I’m awesome 🙂 .

I get stereotyped a lot because when I list three characteristics of myself these people all wear the same look of shock. Like really people, expect a lot from me I’m short 🙂
People often perceive me as being shy, which is true because I often give of that impression but once we ignite a conversation, may the good Lord bless you because, I can talk 🙂
However, when I do respond to these questions, I start with my favorite intro: I define awkwardly awesome random, followed by I don’t have Facebook, I’m 5 ft 4 inches and I am a blogger.

They seem to be more surprised by the last answer than the first. Why? cant a girl have a blog? and  doesn’t everybody have a Facebook? Eventually the question follows how come you don’t have a Facebook?
A pretty good question which I don’t have an answer to.  Well! I’m against Facebook, and then the discussion begins!




My PaintingIf their was ever a person in the world who was bad at choosing friends that would be me and if there was ever a person great at attracting idiots that would also be me. UNLUCKY MUCH? well not quite because I stumbled upon the most amazing man, MY FELICIA.

I always knew that I had a think for the older crowd, and I always thought I was too mature for my age. Blame my mother she sent me to a sschool with only grown people that along with I was smart enough to skip a grade.

When I met  my Felicia! that instant connection people always talking about they had, I felt that. It was like magic, two idiot meeting for the first time it was like two lost souls reunited. My Felicia is that big brother I never had that one female friend I always wanted just that ONE.

The one person who see’s me for me and appreciates me for me, the one person my very impulsive mouth doesn’t get the best of, OH MY LOVE FELICIA.

You will always have a very special place in my heart forever, my brilliant idiot.

Great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget. destiny wasn’t wrong when it didn’t make us blood relatives it was correct when it fused us as friends.