Somebody Pinch Me!

Could somebody just walk up and slap me into tomorrow. Honestly, I feel so bad to be Jamaican right now.  So, the most dishonorable thing happened to me this week. I got schooled on music by a white boy who has never been to Jamaica. I’m so startled by the fact that I got schooled; I can’t even come to grasp it. How did this happen? I usually know everything; Aries people know everything.

So Joe is obsessed with reggae, well maybe not, he just really likes it.  He has records and all that stuff which is awesome. I haven’t seen a record in ages; he’s the man for still having one in his possession.  I can’t blame him though, because old school Reggae music just makes sweet love to our ears, literally.

He’s always asking me if I listen to this and that artist from Jamaica. I’m like I can’t tell you off the bat but I could sing the song if you sing me a line. He lost interest; he wasn’t going to sing. He found it so strange that I didn’t know the artists off the bat. Gave me that look like are you sure you’re from Jamaica because that accent could be fake. So, he wrote the names on a piece of paper and told me to go look them up and then tell him what I thought.

Let me just say, if there was ever a point in my life I felt stupid it would be now, right this minute November 6, 2014. These are songs I listen to all the time;these amazing artists.

This is just one of the artists he suggested; one of my favorites Alton Ellis. Isn’t that something though, I’m just listening to people’s music and could care less about their names. A foreigner had to teach me the names of some of Jamaica’s most influential artists.

Don’t let what happen to me happen to you; learn your country’s history.

Joe I thank you; it means a lot to me that you appreciate something so significant to my culture. You’re the man!


An Ear For Good Music

OMG I recently discovered this modern day music sensation hailing all the way from Norway, I fell in love! their music literally made sweet love to my ears, these two guys are phenomenal.
Nico and Vinz definatley brought something new to the table that song “am I wrong” gives me so much life. Their African background definitely aids in this music perfection. Pure positive vibes, so originally these guys are destined for greatness these Norwegian guys can definitely make a name for them selves on the world stage.
Given that they are the complete package, not only can they sing they aren’t too hard on the eyes either, there’s the athletic and toned light skinned fellow and then you have Mr. tall dark chocolate stud so yummy. Makes me want to travel thousands of miles all the way to Norway, well not to get ahead of myself another country added to my list of places to visit.
Enough of me drooling over my far fetched crushes, I will just enjoy their music for now, I just really apprecaite when my generation does so we can all feel proud of.
Nico and Vinz keep the good music coming must say I’m a fan a loyal one too.