Brazilian Wish Ribbons

Table Without Borders

If you ever venture to Salvador Brazil, (which you should because it’s oozing with culture, history and celebration) visit the Igreja de Nosso Senhor do Bonfim.  The Bonfim is a relic of Salvador, Bahia and is the largest center of Catholic faith in Brazil and even for those who devote their faith to Senhor do Bonfim through the melding of Catholicism and African-Brazilian devotions.  This syncretism which has endured in Salvador, allows that Catholic Saints and African deities and Gods take on a dual meaning.  The Bonfim has transformed from a church to a popular shrine because of its power to perform miraculous cures.

The view of Salvador, Bahia from the hilltop of Igreja de Nosso Senhor Do Bonfim

Senhor do Bonfim translates to, Our Lord of the Good End and depicts Jesus Christ at the moment of his death. A statue, of Senhor do Bonfim, replicating one found…

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