blizzard of 2015

So, everybody is in preparation for this storm that’s about to hit the north-east.  And the Pookster and I are home chilling, watching Doc Mcstuffins. Doc Mcstuffins is such a great show for kids; I love it. Not very often you see a young cartoon black professional, wait! scarp that this is the first I’ve seen a cartoon based on a little black girl. I love it!!!! simply amazing.

Now about that storm we should are expecting, 1-2 ft of snow; Whoooaaaa that’s something to look forward to. Snow nearly half as tall as me. I just hope the power doesn’t go out; I don’t want to freeze lol. Hope everybody  in my neck of the woods is prepared, safe and secure anticipating this natural phenomenon. And for those in Florida and California, all those warm areas I envy you so bad. well maybe just a little bit  I spent a score in the Caribbean one terrifying blizzard wont hurt that bad. (I think).

blizzard 2015 bring it on! we can take you

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