Somebody Pinch Me!

Could somebody just walk up and slap me into tomorrow. Honestly, I feel so bad to be Jamaican right now.  So, the most dishonorable thing happened to me this week. I got schooled on music by a white boy who has never been to Jamaica. I’m so startled by the fact that I got schooled; I can’t even come to grasp it. How did this happen? I usually know everything; Aries people know everything.

So Joe is obsessed with reggae, well maybe not, he just really likes it.  He has records and all that stuff which is awesome. I haven’t seen a record in ages; he’s the man for still having one in his possession.  I can’t blame him though, because old school Reggae music just makes sweet love to our ears, literally.

He’s always asking me if I listen to this and that artist from Jamaica. I’m like I can’t tell you off the bat but I could sing the song if you sing me a line. He lost interest; he wasn’t going to sing. He found it so strange that I didn’t know the artists off the bat. Gave me that look like are you sure you’re from Jamaica because that accent could be fake. So, he wrote the names on a piece of paper and told me to go look them up and then tell him what I thought.

Let me just say, if there was ever a point in my life I felt stupid it would be now, right this minute November 6, 2014. These are songs I listen to all the time;these amazing artists.

This is just one of the artists he suggested; one of my favorites Alton Ellis. Isn’t that something though, I’m just listening to people’s music and could care less about their names. A foreigner had to teach me the names of some of Jamaica’s most influential artists.

Don’t let what happen to me happen to you; learn your country’s history.

Joe I thank you; it means a lot to me that you appreciate something so significant to my culture. You’re the man!

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