All is well

I haven’t updated my blog in forever and tonight seem like the worst night to even do so the internet’s been acting all sorts of crazy. Hope you all had a great Sunday like I did. Sundays are one of those days I prefer not to be so awkwardly awesome random. I love a Sunday morning I can get out of bed, turn the radio on, and start cleaning, days like this usually end well.

Don’t believe me? Well today was a beautiful day, not only because I was appreciating the beauty of fall, but church was amazing. I love when my life has a little structure; I’ll wake up do this and then do that. It reminds me of home, so it keeps me grounded.

Anyhow, I have school all this week. I’m so excited; I haven’t been this excited about school since first grade. Which brings me back to a post I’m dying to share about second chances, haven’t gathered my thoughts completely, but I shall write about it one of these fine days.

What I will say though, is that all is well. I am alive, my family is alive and in good health, I’m happy, everybody around me is alive and well.  Many persons today can’t say all is well with all the chaos going on around the world. I am just grateful for the state that I’m in right now; I am at peace with myself, all is well in my life.

Someone said to me the other day that he listened to a Bob Marley song and it automatically put him in a good mood. So today I recommend you guys to some good ole Bob Marley music, because “all is well”. Have a blessed week everyone.

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