Music Groupie

Oh My GAAAAAAAd!!!! Whoever said perfection doesn’t exist must have never heard what I just listened to a while ago. Is there such a thing as music porn, because my ears just had an orgasm? Yes I said it, because it sure did.  Music made sweet love to my ear drums. NICO and VINZ these guys if you don’t know them, shame on you twice! I came across them earlier this year and haven’t stop listening to them ever since their sounds just amazing.

“Am I Wrong for thinking we could be something for real…”

Everybody knows that song!! That song is bliss. Summers greatest hit!!!! anyhow the albums finish *HAPPY DANCE* I just listened to their album and hell to the flipping yes I made my order. (get yours hear)  Never in a million years would I purchase an album, not that I’m cheap well maybe I am, but this right here is an exception. I promise it won’t disappoint if you enjoy good music. Their music gives so much life, fueled by the fact that they both are so strikingly handsome; man I love these guys so much. Maaan nothing can ruin my day after listening to this, not even if the devil cam to me personally. I would be like excuse me!! my day was made. I mean the rich blend of African influences in their music is just heaven. I’m no musician but I sure do have an ear for good music. I had to make a second post about these guys; albums out October 14, 2014 check it out guys.

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