Mission Publicize

Hello everyone, so I have been taking my blog to the streets, a lot since lately. Scary new people are going to read my work and have an opinion. Well, OK, only random people read it anyways.
Everybody who has attended college or any school as a matter of fact, knows that the first week is get to know each other week.
They always suggest you share three (3) things about yourself that somebody looking at you for the first time would not know. This is the best part of school I love talking about myself, I’m awesome 🙂 .

I get stereotyped a lot because when I list three characteristics of myself these people all wear the same look of shock. Like really people, expect a lot from me I’m short 🙂
People often perceive me as being shy, which is true because I often give of that impression but once we ignite a conversation, may the good Lord bless you because, I can talk 🙂
However, when I do respond to these questions, I start with my favorite intro: I define awkwardly awesome random, followed by I don’t have Facebook, I’m 5 ft 4 inches and I am a blogger.

They seem to be more surprised by the last answer than the first. Why? cant a girl have a blog? and  doesn’t everybody have a Facebook? Eventually the question follows how come you don’t have a Facebook?
A pretty good question which I don’t have an answer to.  Well! I’m against Facebook, and then the discussion begins!


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