Ting A Ling

Well I did promise to give an update on my first day of school. Two words awesomely awesome that might count as one word but whatever who’s counting.

Where I’m from its tradition our parents are there to witness our experience our first day. Its the first day for both of us child and parent. They send us off to school on our first day either drop us off at school, drive behind the school bus by any means necessary they’ll find some way to witness it college or preschool. They’ll try their very best to be there.

Unfortunately my mother nor my aunty couldn’t witness such a notable event but it’s OK they’ll make up for it. They always do. Oh and pardon me if I’m sounding like a big baby its just a tradition for me :-D.

New school, new country how I had imagine my first day was that I’d be meeting new friends from all walks of life. Never in a million years would I have think that I would run into one of my bestfriends from high school. This big world is just too small if you ask me.

I am forever being favored by our gods because this could not be a coincidence that I met up with this girl I haven’t seen her in years. Creepy how our time tables align with each other though, so weird. I’m like the happiest human being alive right now. My hearts literally smiling while sharing this post. This girl lives exactly across the street and I’ve lived here for a year and had the faintest idea. I’m starting to regret deleting my Facebook because I’m  feeling like a cave man over here.

Anyhow I’ve met one of my professors she seem cool although I couldn’t tell if she was just trying to scare us into thinking she’ll fail us for the simplest thing. They do that to all freshman’s I’m not worried.

Overall I had a very successful day got a lot of homework already wish me luck guess as I continue my pursuit of success.

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