A Whole New World, I’m too excited

Hello! everyone I haven’t written a blog in what seem like forever. I have been so occupied with getting ready for school, I haven’t gotten a break until now my first day of school. Well its official, today is the day I go about life’s journey. Today is the day I embark on that journey that’s going to change my life forever, literally :-D.

I’m officially an international student my First day of school in another country. I’m so excited I haven’t been this excited since my very first, first day of school  a decade and a half ago.

Talk about out with the old and in with the new.  New people, new food a complete mixture of different cultures. I’m just so happy I was fortunate enough have been blessed with this opportunity.

So much to learn and see a whole new exciting world is waiting for me. 

Hope everyone has a productive week and all the best to those who had their very first day of school this week. I’ll write another post about my first day experience. Wish me luck guys, hope its as fun as I had imagined it.

Have a successful week everyone 

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