Weekend festivities

I don’t why I believe I live a boring life let alone allowing people to believe that too. Yes! My weekend was great, filled with festivities.
I attended a Hindu wedding over the weekend and what a wonderful experience it was.
Being a Caribbean native it has driven my interest for different culture’s. Experiencing them first hand is like a dream come true.
My very first Hindu wedding, I’m all torn up about what part of the wedding I enjoyed most. It was that AWESOME!! People. The food was great, now I was a little skeptic at first until my palettes started to expode! from all those great tasting flavors. Man! I’d love to share the names of some of the foods I tried but I was too caught up in the moment to take notes.
I strongly recommend visiting an Indian restaurant though, food lover or not you’ll appreciate it.

For all you music junkies and wannabe dancers learn to appreciate Indian music you’ll thank me one day. You can definitely get down to it no doubt. I speak for myself and others when I say; when that music hits you, you can’t help but dance :-).

Now I’m not only saying this because everybody at the wedding was having a good time and I had no other else reason but to appreciate it, I’m saying this because this wedding really left a lasting impact on me, believe it or not.
Fun lovers please attend a Hindu wedding, club something if anything at all.

Despite the fact that the wedding was longer than I thought I speak for everyone who attended that we had an awesome time. This is definitely going down in my book of most memorable moments.
Congratulations once again to the bride and groom. I wish for you both a happy life and loads of success.

Now what made my weekend even better is that the Pookster celebrated her first birthday and it was a success. I’m still amazed by the fact that this child refuses to walk but she’ll jump in the bouncer but hey I wouldn’t walk either if I could have somebody carry me around. Its always beautiful to see family coming together.

To sum it all up I had a pretty awesome weekend celebrating the beauty of life. Bite me who ever said my life sucks; you know who you are 😉

Life is what you celebrate. All of it. Even its end. Have a blessed week everyone. I’m off to the gym.

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