Pathological Optimist

Hello everyone! I’m going to go out on a limb here and say I’m not the only one grieving over the end of summer.
If you’ve read my earlier post you’d have seen me venting about that Turks and Caicos vacation trip I couldn’t be apart of, turns out I didn’t miss much. The God’s will forever be on my side.

Anyhow I packed my bags and jumped on a bus towards Virginia for my weekacation a change of scenery, take me back to the suburbs, I love the suburbs! White picket fence nice lawns. Yes, I’m a sucker for that desperate house wife shenanigans lol.
I hadn’t seen my family in forever and this trip was well needed along with I longed for some fresh air and some good R&R this urban lifestyle ain’t no joke.

En route to Virginia I thought of fun things my sister and I could do. Things we could both enjoy and have us laughing for decades to come.
Now for somebody as cheap as I am you’ll enjoy what I’m about to share with you.

I came a cross a free tour of the national mall DC by Foot you decide whether or not the guide deserves a tip at the end based on if you enjoyed the tour or not. You schedule the tour a day or two in advance just to secure your spot.

And if a tour like this isn’t your thing, you can hop on a bike or an old town trolley at a reasonable cost and do it your self, call that a Do it yourself tour might be just as much fun. The city caters for all whether your budget is flexible or not.

My sister and I took the tour we had a blast an amazing tour guide her name was Cecilia. She was an exceptional tour guide so informative, she did so well in keeping this group of strangers entertained and involved.

Anybody could have easily enjoyed the tour. Now if you enjoy working out this tour is definitely for you because you’ll be walking its completely worth it though my only advice to you is please wear comfortable shoes and bring water.

My first time visiting the nation’s capital was so surreal, I was like a kid in a candy store pointing and taking pictures, I definitely forgot my age for a minute or two luckily I had my sister to keep me in check 🙂 (you’d think she was older).
Now I have been on quite a number of tours and this was one of the better ones no doubt.
Thank you DC by Foot for an amazing experience.
These are some pictures I took with my phone, bear with me they are not the best I’m still working on my photo game.




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4 Comments Add yours

  1. cuddy says:

    I long for weekacation myself. hit me up!


    1. Sure!! I see your lazyosis acting up again 🙂 but I still got you


  2. cuddy says:

    BTW nice toned legs!!! 😝


    1. Thanks, now get yourself a rag you’re starting to drool Hehehhehe


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