I get on my own darn nerves

I swear I am my worst ENEMY. I spend hours a day on the internet doing everything except something  constructive.  Is there such a thing as an internet junkie? because I’m starting to think I have a problem.

I have a problem!!

One would think I don’t have assignments to complete the way I’m squandering my days. Like why do I constantly do this to myself.  I sit and watch the day go by so patiently and then at nights like a hurried hog I try to do my assignments.

I want to sleep!!! my eyes burn

Now I’m up at midnight doing stuff I could have done from earlier. Grrrrrrrrrr

  Why do I procrastinate so much?  I hate that I can’t build a schedule and stick to it.

Now I’m up at 1 am venting about my stupid actions ahhhh

ain’t that something

blizzard of 2015

So, everybody is in preparation for this storm that’s about to hit the north-east.  And the Pookster and I are home chilling, watching Doc Mcstuffins. Doc Mcstuffins is such a great show for kids; I love it. Not very often you see a young cartoon black professional, wait! scarp that this is the first I’ve seen a cartoon based on a little black girl. I love it!!!! simply amazing.

Now about that storm we should are expecting, 1-2 ft of snow; Whoooaaaa that’s something to look forward to. Snow nearly half as tall as me. I just hope the power doesn’t go out; I don’t want to freeze lol. Hope everybody  in my neck of the woods is prepared, safe and secure anticipating this natural phenomenon. And for those in Florida and California, all those warm areas I envy you so bad. well maybe just a little bit  I spent a score in the Caribbean one terrifying blizzard wont hurt that bad. (I think).

blizzard 2015 bring it on! we can take you



Its exactly 43 days left until Christmas woo-hoo! I wish I had some feeling of excitement though. Second Christmas here and I’m finding it so hard to adjust. It’s too cold!! I don’t like it; I’m foreign. I love the warm weather. I love the sun; I’m a sun drunkard. With all that said I still got love for the snow. I love seeing the snow falling, it just pisses me off when I have to go out side. It gets nasty and its cold , cold as the world’s heart.

Thinking about the cold just kills me inside out. I’m not even feeling the Christmas spirit yet,usually I’d be feeling the spirit from the end of October. Its November now exactly 43 days to go (holds head). I need to feel the Christmas spirit already, man I need a vacation.

Aries horoscope for Nov 8 2014 by Daily Horoscope (http://frtns.com/dh)

For some weird reason my horoscope is quite accurate today. #freaky seriously though, I’m home sick.

Aries horoscope for Nov 8 2014
A phone call from someone at a distance or a person you haven’t seen in a long time may bring out the nostalgia in you, Aries. You aren’t usually the sappy type, but right now you could be feeling quite sensitive as you long for the past. You might be missing someone or something from your earlier life, and you are drawn to finding a way to get this back. Whether this is possible or not, the fantasy of it will get you thinking about your future and the people who are important to you, which could cause you to validate the importance of some of your primary relationships.

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Somebody Pinch Me!

Could somebody just walk up and slap me into tomorrow. Honestly, I feel so bad to be Jamaican right now.  So, the most dishonorable thing happened to me this week. I got schooled on music by a white boy who has never been to Jamaica. I’m so startled by the fact that I got schooled; I can’t even come to grasp it. How did this happen? I usually know everything; Aries people know everything.

So Joe is obsessed with reggae, well maybe not, he just really likes it.  He has records and all that stuff which is awesome. I haven’t seen a record in ages; he’s the man for still having one in his possession.  I can’t blame him though, because old school Reggae music just makes sweet love to our ears, literally.

He’s always asking me if I listen to this and that artist from Jamaica. I’m like I can’t tell you off the bat but I could sing the song if you sing me a line. He lost interest; he wasn’t going to sing. He found it so strange that I didn’t know the artists off the bat. Gave me that look like are you sure you’re from Jamaica because that accent could be fake. So, he wrote the names on a piece of paper and told me to go look them up and then tell him what I thought.

Let me just say, if there was ever a point in my life I felt stupid it would be now, right this minute November 6, 2014. These are songs I listen to all the time;these amazing artists.

This is just one of the artists he suggested; one of my favorites Alton Ellis. Isn’t that something though, I’m just listening to people’s music and could care less about their names. A foreigner had to teach me the names of some of Jamaica’s most influential artists.

Don’t let what happen to me happen to you; learn your country’s history.

Joe I thank you; it means a lot to me that you appreciate something so significant to my culture. You’re the man!